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Our Projects

Education Must Continue

If it were not for education, rural communities will find it difficult to break the cycle of poverty. Where our communities reside in are remote parts of Ethiopia and Somaliland. School facilities are often neglected and are inadequately equipped. Since its founding Balay Foundation has helped to reconstruct and improve both the elementary and secondary institutions, which are a key component of development. Moreover, we have developed and funded scholarship opportunities for gifted students unable to afford tuition fees of universities.

The attainable benefits of this plan include:

. Raising the profile of local education

. Decrease of classroom overcrowding

. Increased student-teacher ratio

. Improved learning conditions and results

Institutional Support

Our education program consists of infrastructure improvement through reconstruction of classroom destroyed during the civil war in the late 80’s to the early 90’s, the building of sanitary lavatories and recreation spaces including elementary play areas as well as sports facilities. In addition, we will be looking at erecting a security fence along the perimeters of the school compounds. Our next step is to improve the delivery of quality teaching and expand teaching methods to include those with learning difficulties.The significant benefits of

Futures Scholarship Fund

Balay Foundation has an award program called futures scholarship fund. Launched in 2015, the Futures Fund offers full funding for students who have excellent academic merit. The comprehensive approach of the Futures Fund is to provide access to higher education to students who are hindered by unfortunate circumstances. To compensate this act of good faith, the scholarship recipients are required to give back to their communities during their holidays by conducting activities that benefits the community be it giving career guidance, participating in clean-up plans or assisting in local centres. We will be looking to provide the first batch of nominees by July 2016.

Water and Healthcare

Local Health Centres

Although the medical world has seen many advances in the past decades, our communities have little access to medical facilities and health clinics. Resulting from various components poverty, malnutrition and unemployment are the main causes behind ill health. Balay Foundation arranges the building of clinics and accommodations of staff; all the while upgrading existing services. In spite of state run clinics, there remain huge pitfalls in terms of equipment, skilled competencies and poor maintenance of resources. Balay Foundation is committed to pursuing more appropriate provisions are put in place.

Supporting Balay Foundation’s health Program will:

. Provide new and improved medical and laboratory equipment

. Hiring of medical professionals in the short term

. Provide training to current staff

Water – at the center of development

Through generous donations Balay Foundation will provide taps, water pumps and more importantly water tanks, all with the view to raise awareness of water conservation and usage. Water tanks provide access to water both individual households and communal grounds such as schools and medical health centres. Moreover, water tanks have a long life span thereby giving the entire community a sustainable and regular access to water for their daily requirements.

For our organisation, having access to safe, potable water is a human right. Our communities experience a growing shortfall of rainwater; the most suitable alternative is borehole drinking. Exploring underground water reserves are highly advantageous given the geological surveys revealed by the governments of both Ethiopia and Somaliland huge potential underground aquifers. Balay foundation will provide adequate drilling and pumping equipment. We will provide opportunities to upskill local labour to carryout repairs and drilling operations across the wider region.

Advancing Economic and Employment Opportunities


Unemployment in both Harshin and Balay Cabane district can be reduced by selecting and empowering entrepreneurs, whose emerging enterprises can create more posts for the community itself. Balay Foundation evaluates opportunities and assists start-ups. More importantly, Balay Foundation inspires for entrepreneurship and the potential for income generating by way of mentoring and hosting workshops.

Agricultural Production

Agricultural provisions of Balay Foundation involve access to water and assistance with the technical aspects of crop production thus encouraging entrepreneurial scale farming. It is our view that food security and income independence too can be aided by family cultivation. Some of the schemes we will roll out include vegetable cultivation, crops (wheat & Maize etc.) alongside family permaculture.

Preserving Our Environment

Balay Foundation will organize conservation lessons for students between 10-16 as well as for adults. Considering the policies of both governments, Ethiopia and Somaliland, we will carry out our initiatives with the permission and partnership of each respective authority. Through this approach, we will promote the sharing of knowledge between various actors and building a relationship between our rural communities and their natural locality. We aim to enhance the tangible and intangible advantages of conserving the dwindling natural landscape.