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Our Story

Balay foundation was established in 2015, after much deliberation over the course of months in Hargeisa, Somaliland. A core principle of the foundations business model was the conviction that engagement and development of the communities surrounding environment were crucial to the success of the foundations activities. All of the branches Balay Foundation work to plan, invest and complete projects in the following areas:

I. Education

II. Local Health

III. Water Program’s

IV. Employment Security

V. Environment & Desertification

As Balay Foundation falls in difficult circumstances in a challenging region, we look to create long term relationships with the communities we seek to improve. Balay Foundation believes that effective projects require local community involvement in all aspects and stages of each project irrespective of how revolutionary projects are, provided the infrastructure capacity is maintained, securing funding will be arduous.

Balay Foundation abides that the bulk of contributions will go straight to the community it supports. Given our lasting commitment to achieving our goals in both Ethiopia and Somaliland, we are confident of achieving a rigorous and efficient allocation of investment donations.

The funding for each project is identified through an extensive discussion and correspondence with all stakeholders to ensure that our foundation only funds initiatives that are feasible by assessing credible input and obligation of the community in the long-term. Our implementation on the ground involves teams who are responsible for delivering high quality management and donor rapport, accountability and the ability to provide a holistic evaluation that paint a real image of progress.