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Our Vision

At Balay Foundation our aim is to create sustainable development projects which are based on the principles of self-reliance and sustainability. We strive to create a commune which has the opportunity and capacity to direct economic, social and environmental resources towards sustainability and outcomes that improve the lives for the better. At Balay Foundation our core philosophy is based on the right to education for all. We believe that education is the platform for creating a productive society which should eventually be self-serving. To deliver our long term aim we work in collaboration with all local stakeholders, non-governmental organisations and government bodies. In terms of delivery we have set up four centres of action that support administrative and logistical operations. Our centres are in London, Hargeisa, Harshin and Balay Cabane. The combination of professional volunteers and project managers on the ground has thus far been invaluable, allowing us to complete various assignments subsequently improving many lives already